What’s it like to work with your own nutritionist?

At Odhealth we are on a mission to make proper, personalised nutritional advice available to everyone. We trust health professionals for our eyes, teeth, illness and physical fitness; yet when it comes to food it’s still the norm to do diets that don’t work or follow a one-size-fits-all plan from an influencer.

When you work with a registered nutritionist, you’ll learn about food and health on an individual level, and develop habits that last a lifetime.

But what’s it like to work with a nutritionist?

We spoke to Andreas, Head of Product & Engineering at Juno to hear about his recent experience with his personal nutritionist.

Why have you decided to see a nutritionist?

I’ve been doing CrossFit for 2 years now, I really enjoy it and I try to exercise at least twice a week.

However it doesn’t seem to make me a lot stronger; I felt like my nutrition could be the bottleneck that kept me from progressing. Instead of reading a lot of content on the web where you can find all sorts of contrasting advice, I decided to talk to someone who actually studied to give the right nutrition advice.

Next to that I have some sleep and skin related issues and I was curious if the right nutrition could improve these.

How was your nutritionist? Have you ever used other nutrition services before, and how did they compare?

My nutritionist was called Grace and she was really helpful.

Odhealth matched us together as her background in sports nutrition seemed relevant for the questions that I have. This was my first time using online nutrition services.

Over the course of multiple sessions Grace gave me a lot of background information that helped me understand how the right nutrition helps your body to recover, grow muscle and to keep your glucose levels steady to avoid the crashes.

She analysed my personal eating patterns and helped me to make better decisions. Next to that she tried with me some different options to improve my sleep. I have trouble getting to sleep because of restless leg syndrome. We tried a few things that did seem to improve decreasing my symptoms.

Did you manage to reach your health goals?

Not 100%, yet. But now I’m way more educated and confident that I can reach my goals and know a lot more about how the food I eat impacts them.

What did you like the most about working with a nutritionist?

The thing I liked the most was the knowledge I gained from talking to a professional nutritionist – it’s so much clearer than trying to do it myself through articles etc.

Would you recommend Odhealth?

Yes 100%. Wherever you are and whatever goals you might have, Odhealth has the professionals that can help you with that.

If you’re thinking of working with a registered nutritionist – check out https://odhealth.com – you can book a nutritionist right away, or ask more questions before you decide.


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