Pay monthly

For only

£50 p/m


For only

£50 p/m


Fortnightly 30 minute consultations
One-on-one with your nutritionist via zoom.

Fortnightly bespoke plans
Created by your nutritionist with clear instructions and resources to deliver results.

Concierge service
Dedicated account manager to find you the right nutritionist and support your journey.

Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation is about really getting to know you and your goal in order to create the most effective strategy for success.

You don’t need to prepare anything before your first consultation. Just come ready to discuss your goals and think of any questions you want answered.


After the consultation your nutritionist will send your written plan.

  • Your plan will contain a summary of your call, a record of your goal, your barriers and strategies to overcome them and your key objectives to achieve before your next consultation
  • You will usually be asked to complete a food diary after your first consultation to help your nutritionist assess your current eating habits and inform ongoing consultations

Achieving your goal

Every fortnight you’ll meet (via zoom) with your nutritionist and develop your plan step by step to build on your previous success and learning. Together you’ll tackle challenges that arise and they will provide the accountability, support and expertise you need until you achieve your goal.

We don’t sell things like “3 or 6 month packages” because that’s not how life works. Every goal is different and requires its own timeline. BUT Odhealth’s carefully designed coaching is the fastest and most effective way to see lasting results with over 90% of our customers reporting reaching their goal within 3 months.

Odhealth is made to be deleted so you can cancel once you’ve achieved your goal and come back anytime you want more support.

Pay monthly is perfect for anyone:

Determined to make lasting change and is who looking to quickly and effectively see results. Your nutritionist will guide you step by step through your journey, providing accountability and empowering you with the knowledge and skills you need to make lasting change.

Unfortunately, Odhealth is unable to take transactions at this time. We are working hard to bring you an even better nutrition offering. Contact us if you'd like to stay up to date.

Just looking for a one-off?

Why not take a look at our pay as you go plan?